Sunday Services


Morning Celebration Service – 10:30am

All are welcome to join us at our Sunday Services. Sunday morning is our weekly celebration service where the whole church family come together to worship God and meet with Him.


At the start of our service we usually sing contemporary worship songs led by our worship band.  You may see some people lifting their hands as an expression of their worship and surrender to God.  There might also be some quieter times where people pray out loud as they express their thanks and praise to God. After a few songs of worship the primary and secondary school children are invited to go downstairs to go to their respective programmes. For those with children under school age we have a creche facility at the back of church, which also has a live audio feed of the service.


Most Sunday mornings we also share Communion together. Communion, or the Lord’s Supper as it is also known, involves those who are Christians eating a small piece of bread as a symbol for Jesus’ body and taking some grape juice as a symbol of his blood.  Communion is a celebration of the message of the Gospel – the good news that Jesus died on a cross, his body given for us and blood shed for us, so that we can come into relationship with Father God.  We do it because we are asked to by Jesus in 1st Corinthians 11:23-26 as a remembrance of His sacrifice.  Anyone who knows Jesus as their Lord and Saviour is welcome to take part in Communion.


During the service there will also be a relevant talk (that normally lasts about 25 minutes) looking at a passage in the Bible, which we believe can be applied to our everyday lives.




After the service tea, coffeee, juice and biscuits are served and everyone is most welcome to stay and enjoy time together.


Evening Service – 6:00pm

The evening service starts with tea and coffee and is a little less structured than the morning service.  It usually takes the format of a DVD and discussion series although occasionally there are ‘encounter nights’, with the whole service dedicated to prayer and worship.