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what is it?

This is an 8-session online meeting where the aim is to explore the overarching story of the bible.  Over the 8 weeks, we will look at an overview of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, highlighting in particular the different types of genres (historical narrative, poetry, letter etc) and how to understand the Bible in greater depth

This will be fun, engaging and informative

when is it?

The next course will start in Autumn 2024

who teaches it?

Sharon is the course leader

After a successful career as a Speech and Language Therapist in her native Scotland, Sharon continued to have an appetite for learning and in particular to dig deeper into theology.  This led her to complete her MA in Applied Theology at Regents Theological College and is currently working towards her PhD

How much does it cost?

This is totally free of charge

To book your place or to find out more please get in touch via the contact form below

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