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"We have got a real passion in our heart for youth.  We want to create a space where the young people belong and have a chance to explore and ask questions about life and faith.

Paul & Laura Davis


During the service all those who are secondary school age are invited to come downstairs.  This session normally takes the form of an open discussion about a theme or a topic relevant to young people. 


Every second Thursday we meet from 6:45-8pm for Limitless link up.  This is a great chance to chill in a very informal environment.

additional needs

Across the church we welcome people with additional needs and we know that each person is unique.  This might mean that you sometimes need some time out in a quieter space when things get a bit noisy, it may mean that you have access issues owing to a physical disability or struggle to hear, see or communicate.  Whatever it is, we commit to work with you to best maximise your experience at all Limitless events.


If you would like to talk to us in advance of joining us, please call the number below or email

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