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"We are excited about the road ahead.  We want to encourage the children to come to God on a daily basis.  We want to build community, build memories and totally rely on God for all we need."

Dawn Handley

pre-school age

We invite everyone who is pre-school to join us in the main service.  If you like, we also have a dedicated family room with baby changing facilities.  You have space to make noise, play with toys and also take advantage of the a large window overlooking the main auditorium so you still feel very much part of the service.   

school age

Lighthouse, operates every week during the Sunday service. All children start in the main service for about 15 minutes, worshipping with the rest of the church family, and then an announcement will be made releasing the children. Lighthouse takes place downstairs and grown ups sign children in at the start of the session and are collected by that grown up at the end of the service. We believe that children should be safe and take all matters of safeguarding seriously.


Each session is adapted in age appropriate ways, inspiring children to develop their own relationship with God as well as experiencing His power, blessings, love, and interest in each one of their lives. At Lighthouse children are encouraged to encounter God through worship, discussion, play and craft. Having fun is an essential part of life and we want the children to experience it!

additional needs

You are so welcome in church!!!  We do understand however that church can be a strange environment for kids with additional needs, so please rest assured that we want to do everything we can to help.   


There is no need to call ahead if you are joining us, but if you would find it helpful to chat through your specific needs with a member of the team please call the number below or email

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